Do We Deserve the Wealth That Comes Our Way?

Many people believe that achieving wealth is at the expense of others. DO YOU?

There is a limiting belief propagated by our culture and liberal politicians that there is a limited amount of wealth. Thus if you believe this, then you believe every dollar you get comes at the expense of someone else. This often results in you feeling guilty for charging what you are worth. This is the reason why we have so many “starving” artists that just love giving their work away for free.

In the personal arena, you might not feel like you deserve your fair share. In the business world, it is assumed that there is a finite, limited market, instead of an infinitely expandable market.

Wealth Money Magnet

Wealth Money Magnet

Wealth Magnets

Dan Kennedy provides the following wealth magnets:

  • Wealth Magnet #1 – No Guilt
  • Wealth Magnet #2 – Unequivocal Belief in Abundance
  • Wealth Magnet #3 – Break Free of “Fairness”
  • Wealth Magnet #4 – Accepting Your Role and Responsibilities
  • Wealth Magnet #5 – No Fear
  • Wealth Magnet #6 – No Excuses
  • Wealth Magnet #7 – Speak Money
  • Wealth Magnet #8 – Be Somebody
  • Wealth Magnet #9 – Be Somewhere
  • Wealth Magnet #10 – Do Something
  • Wealth Magnet #11 – Follow-Up
  • Wealth Magnet #12 – Integrity
  • Wealth Magnet #13 – Ask
  • Wealth Magnet #14 – Domino Opportunity
  • Wealth Magnet #15 – Passion
  • Wealth Magnet #16 – See What Isn’t There
  • Wealth Magnet #17 – No Boundaries
  • Wealth Magnet #18 – Clarity
  • Wealth Magnet #19 – Independence
  • Wealth Magnet #20 – Think Value, Not Time
  • Wealth Magnet #21 – Think Equity, Not Income
  • Wealth Magnet #22 – Marketing Prowess
  • Wealth Magnet #23 – Behavioral Congruency
  • Wealth Magnet #24 – Act Wealthy to Attract Wealth
  • Wealth Magnet #25 – Energy from People
  • Wealth Magnet #26 – Courage


The major takeaways from the book are:

  • Your wealth is an addition for you and NOT a subtraction for someone else
  • Everybody somehow has plenty of money to buy whatever they decide they want to buy
  • You don’t get what you (inherently) deserve – you get what you deliberately and intentionally attract, by who you are, what you say and do, and what you get others to do
  • Money has no moral conscience
  • Look for valuable lessons from tragedies
  • In Entrepreneurism there is no clearer correlation between the taking on of responsibility and risk and the attraction of opportunity and wealth
  • People prefer working with experts
  • You have to make a point of putting yourself in places where opportunity can occur
  • There is no wealth to be found in an ideal – only on taking action on that idea
  • If you become known for absolute reliability, customers, clients, opportunity, and money will flow to you in ever increasing abundance
  • Successful people, like being asked for their ideas, opinions, and advice, like being asked for their help and influence
  • Wealth comes through businesses, and businesses must be market driven – not personal joy driven
  • Focus on stepping into the empty or underserved market space
  • The less you need income, the more opportunities present themselves,the more eager people are to do business with you and pay you money, and the more easily wealth is attracted
  • Your value does not increase just because you hang around for years
  • The people in your life either chance or sap you wealth attraction power

I hope you enjoyed the review of this book and I want to encourage you to read the book yourself as it is very informative.

And if you don’t mind, please take just a couple minutes and share a comment for others to enjoy. 🙂