Snow Scene with no Snow – I Love Challenges!

Bethany came to me in November wanting family portraits in the snow for Holiday cards to send out. But at the time it was only raining in Seattle – not snowing like the rest of the country….

Challenge #1 – Obtaining Trust of 2-year old Abby during family portrait session

My first challenge was to build rapport with Abby and gain her trust during the family portrait session. I have always loved kids and can usually relate to them quite well. In fact, people often say that I am like a Big Kid myself. Abby is such an easy going little girl that I had no problem here thankfully.

“When I first asked Steve to create family portraits, I was a little concerned with my daughter Abby as she does not like strangers, and I was worried that she would be restless. But, Steve was so good and patient with Abby that she was totally at ease. As a result, we were able to obtain some awesome images for our Holiday cards. I always enjoy working with Steve.”

– Bethany Reaney, Kent, WA

Challenge #2 – Snow Scene

My next challenge was to simulate a snow scene in the studio. In order to achieve this, I started by using a new snow scene backdrop that I recently had custom designed from an image. It successfully gave the impression of a cold wintery scene with snow covered trees in the deep woods.

So here are some images from the session after basic retouching…

Reany Family Portrait Session Collage

Isn’t the close up of Abby so Adorable? She is such a cute little girl!

Challenge #3 – Adding Snow flakes to the images

Next up was the challenge of adding snow flakes to a few of the images. This required selecting a couple of the images and performing advance digital manipulation on them in Photoshop to add the snow flakes.

Reaney Family Portrait Session With Snow

Challenge #4 – Custom Designed Holiday Cards

Now that I had the final images, the next step was to create the actual custom designed holiday cards. They wanted a simple 5×7 Flat Card, so I basically only needed to design two sides. Back in Photoshop, I was able to design just the right cards.

Final Result

So, here is the final result of the Holiday Card. What do you think?

Reany Family 2014 Holiday Card

“I just love my Holiday Cards and how creative Steve was.”

– Bethany Reaney, Kent, WA

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