Why Other Photographers Don’t Want You To Read This – It Could Ruin Their Day!

I never feel so blessed – – as both artist and documentarian – – as when I’m called upon to create a family’s portrait.

My style blends modernity and classicism. The images are fresh and natural, yet simple and sophisticated.

My signature family portrait sessions take place on location, where

  • your family members’ interactions with one another and with the environment are most natural
  • your family enjoys activities – – such as games, sports or walking – – together
  • the setting is meaningful or fun for your family – – the beach, a playground, a ball field, your own backyard
  • scenic views such as the Olympic Mountains can provide dramatic backdrops

Or if you prefer, we can do the session in my spacious studio

  • studio portraiture has a more traditional feel
  • the studio is better for composite images

About Your Session

  • I always take time to get to know you. There is often an intimate quality to my images which can only come when families are comfortable expressing themselves around me and in front of my camera.
  • I’ll urge you to just be yourselves and, if on location, enjoy your environment. You may even forget you’re being photographed. Occasionally, I’ll lead you through some easy and fun set-ups. Mostly, though, I’ll be a fly on the wall, capturing the magical and love-filled moments that occur when a family gathers together.
  • Please bring along any personal items that reflect who you are as a family – – pets, sports equipment, board games. They’re great for eliciting your family’s unique relationships and character. What I’ll bring is experience, artistry, and passion!

Occasions For Family Portraits

Here are some opportune times for a family lifestyle portrait:

  • kids are home from college for Christmas vacation or spring break
  • grandparents are visiting from out-of-town
  • your living room cries out for a fabulous focal point
  • you have a family  reunion coming up
  • and the best reason of all: JUST BECAUSE. Because your family members will never again be who they are today. Because tomorrow brings change. Because children grow and grandparents age. We know it happens, but we’re always surprised at how fast it does.
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“Steve was great! He was very accommodating trying to find a time that matched everyone’s schedules and I really love the very fine artwork that he has created for us.”
“I was hesitant to purchase a portrait for my living room, but it’s just as artistic as a painting…”
“I felt so comfortable with Steve. He really knows how to make you feel at ease …”