How You Can Capture Your Family’s Happiest Moment, And Hold On To It Forever…


Wall Decor showcasing family portrait in a bedroom

Wall Decor | Wall Portraiture

For centuries, fine portraits have been displayed prominently in elegant homes. A fine portrait

  • enhances your home.
  • makes a statement that your family is what’s most important to you.
  • is a conversation piece, an ice-breaker.
  • is a treasured family heirloom


The Robertson Experience

Prior to your session, I’ll come to your home to examine your wall decor. We’ll measure and photograph the wall where you plan to hang a your portrait or arrangement of portraits, and discuss what size and shape will look best. We’ll also look at your decorating style and color scheme so as to ensure that the finished portrait – – including clothing and background – – complements your decor. If you like, I’ll even meet with your decorator.

When it’s time to view and order your portrait, we’ll project full-size images on a screen. You’ll actually see what the portrait will look like on your own wall! This makes it so much easier for you to choose the image you like best. I’ll even help you pick out the perfect frame.

We believe in a very hands on custom experience that is so unique that you will actually enjoy being guided through every step of the process.

For more information, learn more about me or see my Six-Step Process.

Your lifestyle family portrait is a family heirloom treasured by generations to come.

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